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The creative polygon seen in this promotional video was build by our team of creative engineers at Zavod Park. The task was to create a Rube Goldberg machine which would include our clients software SciNote which is able to control lab devices through a tablet computer. The Internet of things process is an important factor both in the development of new technologies and innovating the workflow of employees in labs.

The aim was to create a futuristic look at the work in a digitized laboratory. The minimalistic appearanance was a clear design choice and was also used to magnify the elegance of space. The internet of things part includes the transfer of mechanical forces via a button on the screen of the tablet computed running the SciNote software. A s a result, the software triggers a wirelessly controlled pippete which pippetes a drop, therefore enables further transfer of mechanical forces.


The creative polygon was assembled merely from pieces of laboratory equipment joint together with 3d printed parts. The challenge was to assembly the lab equipment as it it usually made from chemically inacite materials-making it nearly impossible to 'simply glue' together. Therefore using new materials like microsucton and magnetic sheets was a crucial part in the design and it also enabled nearly invisible assembly of the polygon. Other materials used include magnets, plexi glass sheets and rods, axial and radial bearings, dried ice, oil paint, carbon and iron rods, wood and iron sheets etc.

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of the polygon seen in the video



When Gilson Met SciNote

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