The task was to recreate a 3d audio environment, displacing it from the original place of recording to the exhibition space, whilst retaining it's 3D information.


The task was achieved by a recording technique where microphones were placed in the same spatial arrangement as speakers would be later during the exhibit. The project was part of a series of spatial audio installations entitled Sonoretum.


Kapelica Gallery


Ministry of Culture RS,

Ljubljana Municipality


N.Musevic as author, R&D, audio recording, postproduction

Spatial orientation and position of 8 audio speakers was measured and carefully noted. 8 microphones were than selected and placed in the same positions as speakers we measured. The audio recording position was chosen to be above train tracks, as the author N.Musevic wanted to record a moving object which the listener would recognise immediatelly. Also the success of the task would be recognised immediately as an average listener can recognise the sound of a passing by train.

We recorded the passing by trains with 8 spatially placed microphones simultaneously, some of the trains moving with speeds of more than 100 km/hr. It was therefore a true challenge to set up a computer recording station next to the tracks, as the vibrations of passing by trains caused a lot of issuess. The microphones stands were all secured in place by heavy weights, because the speed of the trains meant the microphones would simply get blown away otherwise. The challenge was successfully completed with a trully remarkable 3d audio recording. It manifested in the exhibition in a public walkthrough and listeners kept on looking over their shoulder to try to see a train.


The project was part of a series of spatial audio installations entitled Sonoretum.

We would like to thank Slovenske Železnice for permission to record the trains and kindly allowing us to work and move on the train tracks.


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