Speaker Design;


The task was to create organically shaped audio speakers. Research was done on the bionic shapes of flowers as they tend to exhibit usable horn shapes for emmiting sound. Mathematics of nature is by far more sophisticated than speakers with square boxed enclosure.

The project was named Sonorose and is one of many speaker designs by Nataša Muševic.

Multiple flowers were 3D scanned using David System (special thanks to prof.Deja Muck @ NTF) and shapes of the flower leaves was extracted from the scans. In the next step we conducted acoustic simulations using software and 3D models of our speaker drivers. The speaker flower was created by observing and correcting acoustic impedance of specific leaves. The specifics of the flower shape will be published in a white paper.


Rampa Lab, Kersnikova


Ministry of Culture RS, Ljubljana Municipality


R&D, acoustic simulations, 3D modeling, 3D print, assembly


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