Photo by Jernej Marušic

 Image Vinyl

The task was to create an inovative gramophone vinyl displaying an image etched merely with sound recording. The project by Jernej Marušic and Nataša Muševic was named Sonosthesia.

As the sound recording on a gramophone vinyl has it's physical appearance, we decided to arrange the various 'grey' shades into an image.


Zavod Park


Ministry of Culture of RS


We developed the software which converts any image into sound, which later exhibits the original image on a gramophone vinyl with shades of grey (when etched under specific circumstances). The software firstly reads an image and then synthesizes sound from this data. Different frequensies or sounds can be used for different colours/shades of grey. On the vinyl we see above, a high pitched noise is used for the lines, while the circles are drawn by using a mid range frequency (around 600 Hz) which is modulating in time.

We etched the seen above dubplate at Dr.Dub studios in Austria.

March 2023


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