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Acoustic Levitation

The task of the project was to record repeated audio frequency response measurements on a solid object; in this case a living tree, and then transform this data into a audible presentation. Next to audio response measurements, electro-magnetic properties of the tree were recorded with a modified 'EKG' machine and an infrared+visible spectrum camera recorded the video.

A recording station was build for the equipment, as the aim was to record longterm FR changes and map those according to weather.

Vibrational speakers which induced the test signal were installed on the tree, in this case a sine sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz was used for measurements. Piezzo microphones were placed on the surface of the tree at different places, so to relate varius frequency response measurements to different points of a solid body. Software was developed for automated measurements (by Slavko Glamocanin) to be recorded every 15min during the day and night. When the frequency response data was recorded, the audio was converted into one full frequency sound, by way on analysis, mapping (by Sašo Muševic),and simultaneously playing the entire audio spectrum at the same time. In such a way a 'tree sythesized' was build, the sound of which was actually the 'sound of the shape' of the entire tree.

One week of measurements was presented as an audio installation in Gallery of Modern Art in Ljubljana with a project name Trees.

Trees @ ATOL

Trees @ Ljudmila

Trees @ Gallery of Modern Art Ljubljana


Marko Batista, Natasa Musevic


Ministry of Culture RS, Ljubljana Municipality


R&D, assembly of measurement system, FR response recording, data analysis, developing synth from FR measurements data,

N.Musevic author

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