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The article by describes the technology as 'potentially disruptive' and sums up the key benefits solved by the technology recent made public by the publication of the Slovenian patent and the corresponding PCT patent application.

The article points out the overview of the developments in volumetric additive manufacturing, a new field which came into existence recently. In volumetric additive manufacturing, entire objects can be printed at once. The article also points out that the technology described in the patent solves some problems of overhang angles recently discussed by the magazine here. The article describes the patented technology as 'potentially disruptive', recognizing its importance and value for the future development of the field.

As the technology described in the patent proposes the objects to be printed from inside-out, some obstacles are avoided regarding the geometry of the object, such as overhang angles and the need for support structures.

“ The technology could offer an exciting new avenue for metal AM, potentially even ushering in a new era for the technology and especially metal AM ”

Tess Boissonneault,

As the need for faster speeds in industrial metal AM is growing, the patented technology is opening up a bright path.

How are we involved?

Here at Zavod Park we publicly represent the inventor. Our aim is to bridge the gap between inventors and the industry. More information on the project coming up soon. For further press inquiries please contact Anrdea at


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