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Proud Manufacturer of QPCR Holder

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Pipetting made easy with the the QPCR Holder frame developed at Zavod Park. Our clients product PlatR guides you through pipetting sequence with the aid of a tablet computer.

It has nearly been two years since we developed the QPCR holder for positioning microtiter pipetting plates on top of a tablet computer screen for the purpose of hand pipetting aided with our clients product which guides the user through the pipetting sequence and therefore significantly decreases the pipetting time. We are proud that the product is spreading among lab users around the world and are happy to contribute to the development. Today, we continue to manufacture the holder and are happy too see the products usage growing.

How are we involved?

As a software company, the client turned to Zavod Park for the development of the hardware piece used today as part of the product. Next to the R&D of the product, we manufacture the holder.


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