Zavod Park re-designed, prototyped and is still manufacturing today, the PlatR QPCR holder which is capable of fixing a QPCR plate on any tablet computer.  Biosistemika's product PlatR guides lab workers through hand pippeting QPCR plates, by way of lightning up the sequence of individual samples.


The task was therefore to develope a QPCR holder/frame that would fit on any computer screen with an aim to standardise and enable the use of the product on as many devices as possible.

The holder is composed of just enough microsuction material not to damage the screen and at the same time to fix the QPCR or Elisa Plates safely on the computer screen. The microsuction material enables multiple uses of the holder without damaging user's computer screen. Extensive testing was done on durability and usage of the holder and the size of the adhesive surface. The frame itself is made of 4mm plexi glass with an extremely precise laser cut hole. As the microsuction material is a brand new material, there are no standard way of cutting it to the right shape, tooling was therefore developed.

The product can be ordered here.


design, construction, manufacturing and  assembly of the QPCR holder


Biosistemika d.o.o.


PlatR QPCR holder


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