Intervals;Acoustic Propuslion

Project Intervals succesfully connects art and science with a task to create an object which would allow observation of acoustic propulsion of physical objects. It was showaced as an art installation.


The observer can see multiple glass resonators being moved and rotated merely by the sound of their resonant frequency. With no motors involved in the object itself, it is a great technical achievent.


Zavod Projekt ATOL Društvo Ljudmila


Ministry of Culture (Slovenia), Ljubljana Municipality


R&D, construction, assembly,authorship ,3d modeling, 3d print

The concept behind the project was derived from the idea that wave-particle duality theory might apply to objects of all size, not just elementary particles of light. The research was conducted on frequencies and intervals found in natural objects. The author transposed the frequencies of our planets into audible ones and then repeated the process for frequencies within an atom. In such a way the resonant frequencies of the glass Helmholtz's resonators were chosen as the intervals were found to be univarsal.​

The objects itself includes 13 speakers, 13 individual speaker boxes and 3-way sound amplification which are all hidden behind the enclosure made from bended aluminium, coloured and sanded. The glass resonators itself are connected to carbon rods using 3d printed parts, whilst the rods are fixed with magnets with central holes at the axis of rotation. The central axis made from fiberglass rod is therefore stacked with magnets pointing in opposite directions, creating zero friction whilts rotating and levitating the resonators. Resonators move in a plexiglass enclosure, the size of the object is 1,3m (diameter) x 2,3m (height).


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