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Floating Lamp

The floating lamp by N.Musevic was created as part of the Hacking Household team formed for the the 50th Bienalle of Industrial Design in Ljubljana (BIO50).


The main idea proposed by the Programming Objects project is to create a system for standardised building blocks for households items - such as a power block, wi-fi connecivity block, motor block, heating block, light block etc.


Museum of Architecture and Design


HH group was co-sponsored by Gorenje


The aim of the lamp itself was to create a futuristic light from proposed standardised building blocks  assembed into a household item. The levitating lamp is based on a helium baloon whilst the knot of the baloon is covered with white 3d printed part, shaping the lamp into a perfect sphere. Hidden inside the 3d print are 24 LEDs, coin batteries,small weights and a SparkCore which allowes the user to wirelessly switch the light on and off. The lamp floats in the equilibrium and it's size is precalculated. The lamp is not yet viable as a product as the baloons deflate due to their porousity and proper material coating is not yet developed.

The members of the Hacking Household team originally include Leonardo Amico, Thibault Brevet, Coralie Gourguechon, Natasa Musevic and Jure Martinec and the team was mentored by Tilen Sepic and Jesse Howard.

R&D,construction, assembly, 3d modelling, 3d print

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