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The best way for outsourcing your R&D. We find elegant solutions to impossible problems. With the use of our vast knowledge in manufacturing, new materials, engineering and design, we offer complete services of:

     - engineering, design ,

     - construction, assembly

     - prototyping

     - manufacturing

Do you need to put your idea into reality? We offer complete sollutions in digital manufacturing, from the initial draft to a completed object:

     - 3D modelling

     - 3D printing, postproduction

     - assembly

     - consulting (3D printers, 3D printing)

     - educational

We find the best manufacturing sollution for your product, price/unit calculations  and appropriate your design according to the means of manufacture. We also design your product from scratch if needed. We offer:

     -consulting on manufacturing

     -product design

     -product development

     -conventional manufacturing with our

      trusted manufacturers


Photo: Biosistemika d.o.o.
QPCR Holder
Introducing New Materials
Speaker Design
Floating Lamp
Acoustic Propulsion

Photo: Jernej Marusic

Image Vynil
Ferrofluid MIDI Interface
3D Audio
Photo: Moderna Galerija
Frequency Response Measurments
Poligon Maker Lab
Acoustic Levitation
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All Videos

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